Have you been unable to recover money invested with UT Markets? We can help you

UT Markets ("UTM") marketed itself as a binary options trading business. In late 2015, UTM became highly successful in attracting investors and grew rapidly. It spread by word of mouth recommendations, relying on relationships of trust, and by summer 2016 had a base of several thousand highly international investors.

A large number of UTM investors have been unable to withdraw their investments, and have approached NBLO to advise them on their position and to commence proceedings needed for recovery.

In response to this strong interest, we have set up this website to help organise collective action for recovering funds for those affected.

UTM was a complex global web of structures and relationships.  Nearly all of UTM's agents, archives, and bank accounts were based in Bulgaria.

The structure used by UTM necessitates coordinated, resourceful and multi-jurisdictional legal proceedings. As an international Bulgarian law firm specialised in litigation, with lawyers qualified to practise in multiple jurisdictions, NBLO is ideally-placed to run and manage these actions.

In our Group Litigation Proposal we outline the suggested legal action and related considerations.

For a no-obligation initial consultation contact us on:

E-mail: utm@newbalkanslawoffice.com

Telephone: +359 2 950 6239 (Mon-Fri, 10:00-18:00, Bulgaria time (GMT+2)).

We will aim to respond to your emails within 24 hours, 7 days a week.